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Wrinkles or creases in our skin invariably appears as we age. There are many reasons for this. Some wrinkles appear when we use our facial muscles of expression eg. crow's feet lines around our eyes when we smile and lines on our forehead like tram lines when we look up. These are named dynamic lines or wrinkles. When we keep using these muscles the line may become permanent as we age.

Certain lines however occurs when our skin starts to sag as result of loss of elasicity of the skin, fat loss and migration of fat within the face. These lines are static and are there whether we use our facial muscles or not.


Wrinkles are best treated with Botulinum Toxin which softens the muscles of expression and thus making us look younger.

Tightening of the skin and replacing the collagen can also be achieved by laser treatments and injections of Dermal Fillers.

Talk to our doctor today to find out which treatment is best for you.

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