Moles or Nevus can be congenital and noted at birth or acquired and appears later on. The congenital nevus are malformations and the acquired one are benign(non cancerous) growths.

As they involve the pigment forming cells called melanocytes, they are also called melanocytic nevus. Most moles are flat, dark brown to black and are found at the junction of the epidermis and demis and are called Junctional nevus. Compound nevus involve a mixture of deeper tissues and are often raised.

Moles are usually removed for cosmetic reasons but as they can rarely turn into a cancer called a melanoma, we should observe for unusual changes like change in coloration, symmetry, enlargement, itching or bleeding.

Should changes like the ones above occur please consult our doctor .

Unusual moles may be bluish, have a halo or have hair on it.

Treatment Modalities

It is important for you to be properly assessed by our doctor before any treatment is given.

Talk to our doctor today to find out which mole removal treatment is best for you.