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Tattoos can be divided into amateur tattoos (eg. Tribal tattoos) or professional tattoos that is usually created in tattoo parlours. Amateur tattoos are normally easier to remove as they are usually monochromed greys or blacks and pigments are situated more superficially.

Coloured tattoos especially greens, yellows, red and blue are more difficult to remove and requires special filters to achieve the right laser wavelengths to achieve good results.

Treatment Modalities

One of the best laser for tattoo removal is a 1064nm Nd-Yag quality switched laser.

Removal entails putting a cream to numb the skin for a bout 40 minutes and then using a pigment laser to break up the pigments. The body will absorb the broken up pigments resulting in lightening or the tattoo. The process is then repeated 4-6 weeks later until all pigments are removed. 

It is important for you to be properly assessed by our doctor before any treatment is given.

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