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Mesotherapy is a medical aesthetic technique performed by doctor who caters to your individual needs with customised formula. This custom made formulation is based on your individual requirement, hence are more effective. It is a treatment by multiple injections of natural plant extracts, pharmacological or homeopathic agents, amino acids, minerals and vitamins below the skin.


  • Work wonders on cellulite, fat deposits and skin sagging issue - Cellulite is a common yet difficult to treat condidtion because fibrosis and poor lymphatic drainage leads to changes in the area of excess fat under the skin. Liposuction increased the problem of cellulite despite removing fat volume. On the other hand, Mesotherapy treatment specifically targets the cellulite tissues leaving a smoother, silkier and firmer skin without the orange-peel effect.


  • Anti-aging and skin rejuvenation - Through Mesotherapy, vitamins and antioxidants are delivered right under the skin to rejuvenate the cellular layers and enhance the metabolic activities. This stimulates increased collagen, elastin and other connective tissues production.


  • Weight loss and fat reduction - Mesotherapy spefically target areas with excessive fat storage such as the chin, jowls, abdomen, arms and buttocks. The customised Mesotherapy formulas are able to block the adipose cells from storing fat and helps breakdown existing fat cells for further degradation. For most areas, you will see visible improvement after the 3rd session. In addition, the slimmer areas enjoy faster toning process.


  • Hair Thinning, Male Pattern Baldness and Hair Regrowth - Mesotherapy is an active form of medical aesthetic hair regrowth which delivers micronutrients, vitamins and specific pharmacological compounds with scientifically proven effects to boost hair regrowth via the fine capillaries.


  • Per injection : RM80
  • Double Chin : RM400 per session (5 injections)
  • Love Handles / Thighs / Tummy / Buttocks : RM800-RM1600 per session



    Mesotherapy delivers tiny "medicinal bullets", in near microscopic quantities through very fine needles, all directly into the mesoderm (middle layer of the skin) which is highly specific to the conditions associated to aging and aesthetic requirement.


    Mesotherapy is extremely effective because the procedure target into the root of problem, specifically target areas with excessive fat storage such as chin, jowls, abdomen, arms and buttocks. The customized formula are able to break down existing fat cells for further degradation. It works well for the removal of stubborn fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. They are bio-identical and natural to ensure immediate and maximum absorption without side effects. It improves metabolism, burn exported fat for additional energy, maintain muscle tissue cell and prevent accumulation of fat in the liver. 

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