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The Medlite laser produces an extremely fast pulse of light that is passed through the skin and absorbed in the hair bulge, hair shaft and follicle.  The laser light is strong enough to damage the hair bulge and hair follicle without harming the surrounding skin. The damage to the hair is sufficient enough to delay growth for several months.


  • Upper & Lower Lips - RM400 per session
  • Armpits / Calves / Buttocks / Bikini (Per Area) - RM900 per session
  • Chest / Tummy / Thighs / Hands (Per Area) - RM1200 per session



    The Medlite laser used at this office for laser-assisted hair removal is one of the safest lasers available today. While other lasers are available for this procedure, they all run the risk of side effects because they use the heat from much longer laser pulses to destroy the hair.  Because the Medlite produces light in such short pulses, it destroys hair through a photo-mechanical method and does not heat the hair or surrounding skin to the same degree as other lasers.  The Medlite can easily and safely be used with much less of a risk of blistering, burning, scarring or changing the pigmentation of the skin.  This is the only laser available that removes hair with this unique method.

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