PRP Autologous Regenerative Therapy


  • Plastic / Dermatology - skin rejuvenation & scar regeneration, skin firming & whitening, autologous fat grafting, hair loss prevention & treatment
  • Orthopedics / Rehabilitation Medicine - pain relief after surgery, sports rehabilitation, joint healing, strengthening ligaments, decreases inflammation, control chronic pain
  • Ophthamology / Dentistry - regeneration after LASEK, Xeroma (dry eyes), tooth extraction, implant, bone graft
  • Other fields - Veterinary, R&D



PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) uses the body's own regenerative and repair factors found in our blood to beautify and restore our skin. Platelets form a component of our blood and the main function of platelets are to repair tears and damage to blood vessels and wound healing. Platelet contains various growth factors including PDGFaa, PFGFbb, TGFab, VEGF, EGF and many more. Through a special preparation process the PRP is packed with all these factors which are injected into the skin for rejuvenation and regeneration resulting in a younger and fuller complexion. These injections are able reduce fine lines, improves skin tone and enhances skin lift. 

PRP Autologous Regenerative Therapy


    Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a portion of blood, which contains high concentration of platelet (4-5 times higher than usual). This portion of blood contains growth factors and healing factors that promote cell regeneration and healing process. 


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